Founder and Storyteller in Chief

What happens when you bring together all the things that bring you the most joy? A theatrical walking tour of course! Our Sydney walking tours are a combination of passions: travel, history, writing and drama.

Danielle is well-travelled and has mostly travelled independently exploring many places on a whim.

“I always read a novel and a history book about the country I was visiting. Point and look, which is how I would describe most sightseeing walking tours, was simply never enough for me. I always felt a powerful yearning to know more. I always imagined what a place was like in the past: what was it like to live there at historical moments, what could those people tell me that wasn’t in the history books?”

One thing I love about Walking Sydney:

The concept! It is about just bringing history to life. Apart from storytelling it is the actors at Walking Sydney who bring history to life and make this the most exciting walking tours in Sydney!  

Performer & Collaborator

Mathew performs the role of Jack Delaney and James Maguire on The Rocks Tour with ‘The Bloke & The Larrikin’.

“I was always living in imaginary worlds, for as long as I can remember. Having a younger brother only, and living isolated on a farm with little technology, allowed me to play continuously well into my teenage years. Then once we moved to the city, I still wanted to play - but more and more it was because I wanted to understand every type of person in the world and why they do what they do. This is when I started to become involved in acting, initially with stage shows.

I have come to realise the power of story - and since then it's been the challenge of getting through my fears, and more into my passions and desires for living through other people's stories, in a way that everyone can benefit from.”

Performer & Collaborator

Luke plays the roles of Jack R Delany and John O’Dortley on The Rocks Tour with ‘The Bloke & The Larrikin’.

“Acting is my passion. I love telling stories and bringing a diverse range of characters to life. It's not just a way to express myself but it's also an emotional outlet.”